Pork with Momma’s Mustard Relish

Before cooking,  rub Momma’s Mustard Relish on pork, and then cover with a dry rub.  Low and slow in the oven or crock pot.  4-5 hrs depending on the size of the pork.  Use for pulled pork sandwiches with an… continue reading Pork with Momma’s Mustard Relish


Creamy, cheesy, crusty bread spread

“Mix together: cream cheese, parmesan cheese, roughly chopped Bonnie B’s Original Greens until thoroughly mixed.  Spread a good amount on thick, crusty bread.  Pop under broiler until bubbly.  Enjoy with pasta” Seth from Seattle


Bonnie B’s Peppers Original Green Favorite Uses

Delicious on any sandwich, great in salads.  Try mixing some Bonnie B’s Original Greens into meatballs or meatloaf before cooking.  What a flavor explosion.   “Turkey and Swiss with mayo topped with Bonnie B’s Original Greens on thick crusty bread is… continue reading Bonnie B’s Peppers Original Green Favorite Uses

Ever wondered what preparing a press kit involved?

Yeah, me either.  Until recently. The 2017 Seattle Gift Show, a wholesale only show, is this weekend at the Convention Center.  Bonnie B’s is proud to have been granted a space at this years show.  When members from the press… continue reading Ever wondered what preparing a press kit involved?

Say Hello to our “LOVE CARD”

Now YOU can share the LOVE with our new LOVE CARD! Keep us in mind for your last minute gifts and stocking stuffers! MUST HAVE for foodies! Share the LOVE with our “LOVE card” or “Holiday LOVE Box”    

34th annual Tacoma Holiday Food and Gift Show

Come look at the fun you can have at Ballard Farmers Market tomorrow!

We thought you might like to meet the farm that grows our Organic Hungarian Wax Peppers

A new relationship has spouted!

A delicious relationship! Bang Bang Cafe in Belltown (Seattle, WA), corner of Western Ave and Wall St, is NOW using Bonnie B’s ‘Original Green’ Peppers on their Turkey Panini. — at Bang Bang Cafe Seattle.

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